What one believes, expresses itself in what they offer.
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Real Relationships

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned customer service and real relationships? What happened to taking care of customers wants, desires and needs. This is the reason behind starting MainStreet ICS. A better company to provide customers with a better managed IT experience.

You First

Computer and support companies keep moving away from their customers and providing services the same way. “At a distance.” I don’t want to suggest that using good tools to expedite customer needs is not important. Good tools take the place of providing onsite service for basic maintenance items and provide a more cost effective solution to simple issues.  That way we can provide the customer the support and consultation needed to really move things along.

At MainStreet ICS we focus time and effort to get to know a customer. Then as a partner provider we can help them meet their technology goals.

It's Personal

We know our customers by name and they know ours as well. When you know someone, I mean really know them you can help them achieve there goals.

So if you want a company where everyone knows your name and what you really need, call MainStreet ICS.

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